Social Media Business Starter

$99Monthly $99.99 - Setup Fee $250
  • 3 Local Directories Listing
  • Website linked to Social Media
  • 1 Weekly Facebook Posting
  • 1 Youtube Video 3 Min
  • 10 Photos


$199Monthly $199.99 - Setup Fee $299
  • 5 Local Directories Listing
  • Website linked to Social Media
  • 3 Weekly Facebook posting
  • 3 Youtube Videos 3 Min
  • 15 Photos


$699Monthly $699.99 - Setup Fee $399
  • Top Local Directories Listing
  • Website with 4 Pages
  • 2 Weekly Facebook / Twitter posting
  • 1 Weekly Youtube Video 3 Min
  • 25 Photos


$49999Ready in 2 Weeks
  • Website Review
  • Website SEO Content Optimization
  • Search Engines Submit
  • 2 Website Sitemap
  • Keyword Rich Link Building


$89999Hosting & Domain Fee - $170
  • 8 Page Responsive Website
  • Slideshow with pictures
  • 3 Weekly Facebook posting
  • 2 Youtube Video 3 Min
  • Keyword Rich Link Building

Social Networks, Video Marketing and SEO News


Local Directory Listing

Get your business on Google maps.

Can your customers find your business information online? Are you the owner but haven't listed yet on local directories? Your website content, local directories listing, blog or social networks connects you with new customers, whether they're looking for you on search engines, maps or mobile devices. For us is very important that your business get new leads or customers every day,


Social Media Marketing

Do you have any Social Media Strategy ??

Social Media strategies increases traffic to your site, creates interest in what you sell and gives you the opportunity to offer promotions to fans, followers and meet new ones. If you’re trying to introduce your company to internet then this is your best option to find a community of people interested in your business product or service. Let us manage your Marketing Campaign to boost your business, sales and customers.


Get Targeted Visitors

Don't let them waiting, reach them ...

We don’t just produce wordpress themes. We give life to whole microcosms, where beautiful designs are powered by immense functionality. We consider our work to be successfully done not when the next product is released for sale, but when our customers share their great user experience and showcase the beautiful websites they have managed to create with our themes.


Video Marketing

A New way to engage customers

Video marketing is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through activity around a given video. In a successful video marketing campaign, the content, distribution strategy and consumer self-expression tools combine to allow an individual to “add their voice” or co-create value to a piece of content - then further propagating it out to their social circles.

Is Social Media a Fad ?

How Small Businesses get new customers today

78% of small businesses now get at least on quarter of new customers via social media
61 % of young people refer to social media to decide where to go when they gou out

Customer Engagement

27% of americans check their social networks several times a day
35% of americans check brand pages regularly as part of their social media activity


Twitter has 200 Millions active users
Facebook boasts 1 Billion active users
Google + gaining ground with 343 millions active users
Linkedin has 225 millions active users

Most Popular Search Engines

The best way to get new customers today is setup your business online on social networks, local and mobile fast !!!

Youtube 47%
Facebook 54%
Bing 62%
Wikipedia 35%
Yahoo 53%
Google 82%
AOL 27%
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